28 March 2011

Periorbital Cellulitis-Out of Hospital

Daisy had Periorbital Cellulitis, a nasty infection of the eye. Needing fast strong IV antibiotics. Due to Daisy having a weakend immune, because of all the medication shes taken,we're bound to get run down, but she copes well, getting stronger,still, everyday.
Yes we are home, we got discharged yesterday, so only there 2 nights...wooooo. The hospital wanted us out as there have a problem with Noroviris, it has swept over 5 wards and was creeping on to the kids ward, with 1 child diagnoised. We wanted out fast!. Daisy ok, bit down in the dumps but ok. Heres a link to explain what was wrong

27 March 2011

Hospital again!

Well we did well, but I new something would go wonky.
Back in Norfolk and Norwich rushed Daisy up for eye infection, they surprisingly put her striaght on IV Drugs, to prevent any eye damage, tonight is our 2nd night. Im not to confident as the Noroviris has shifted though 5 wards recently here, and yep its now on the kids ward-great!. so yep just a little tense an obsessed with infection control, am sitting here in my whites and msk as you read....LOL. All going well,i recon we can blagg our way out of here tomorrow, if not monday..x watch this space ....

12 March 2011

TSSS~Kristen Connery

Kristen Connery is fundraising for Turner Syndrome Support Society