12 April 2016

2016 March update, Single parenting!

Daisy's doing really well, still always smiling.
Her head has skin over it now, still looks weak and still opens up sometimes, but only skin deep. so its cope able.
 Her feet are still deformed (said the Doctors!) I think there rather sweet!.
Heart is good and healthy.
She has regular speech and language Therapy, she did have hearing aids but doesn't get on well with them.
Daisy goes to a main steam school, she is statemented so gets alot of extra support.
She still wears her helmet at school, she's sad that she is different, but I tell her everyone is different in there own way. Daisy is extremely confident and out going..... She's going to rule the World one day. Love her to the moon and back.... xxx

Daisys Daddy gone.....

Its been a year since her Dad walked out of her life, no contact nothing. I just don't get that.
OK., so he got a new girlfriend, new life style (late nights, well paid jobs, holidays, and teenage type parties!) but..... He wanted this child, he didn't have children when we meet 7 years ago. The child he long for and doted on.... yet he walk. Without a word, no maintenance payments, no calls, no explanation. NOTHING. Sad that.
Always by your side Daisy
Love Mummy xxx