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Elvi rocks out to ACDC at the cinema The Sun WomanParentingSomeone Special#mySunComments#mySunComments#mySunComments#mySunComments#mySunComments
Funny the places you suddenly feel blessed.

It happened to me last week next to Zippo's Circus Big Top in a Dorset field.

We were on the first part of our hols - Camp Bestival, the brilliant kid-friendly festival curated by Radio One DJ Rob Da Bank and his incredibly creative wife Josie.

We'd parked our hired campervan in the disabled field in the shadows of the stripey Big Top and the Helter Skelter.

Our mates and their kids pitched their tents around us to create a guy-roped mini-village.

Ridicuously as the sun fell on the first day I felt a rage building.

I realised I was going to be the one left back at the campervan in the evenings.

While everyone else was enjoying Madness (who I'd seen before) or Human League (who I wasn't that keen on the first time round) with their kids I'd be back at the van because Elvi would be the only one who couldn't cope with the noise.

This was completely unfair of me. Why should anyone else be expected to look after my children? Why should my rather lame needs come before those of my daughter?

Sulking like a teenager I transformed our campervan into the bedroom of dreams for my two kids and stuck Jungle Book on the portable DVD player hoping one of our mates would be struck by tiredness and, even though I hadn't thought to ask them, come back and look after my children.

Pressing play turned me into the Pied Piper of disabled camping, suddenly loads more children, some of whom we'd met, some we hadn't, clambered up the steps wanting to watch.

They crammed into the van and I poured a glass of wine for myself in a bright pink plastic Ikea kiddy cup.

Then all hell broke lose. One of the visiting girls' mums That me! didn't know where she was and not knowing us assumed she'd gone missing.

She had the field locked down by security guards. O yes!

Any vehicles leaving disabled were searched. One of our party heard the kerfuffle on their way back to our pitch.

We realised what had happened and reunited distraught mum Me again and confused daughter Izzabelle, who just wanted to see what happened to Mowgli.

The shaken young family turned out to be from Norfolk. and....???...ooohh~arrrr....

Not only did they have 8-year-old Jenny Thats Izzabelle, who turned out to be partially deaf, with them but their ten-year-old son and thats Kyron and a three month old baby Daisy.

I poured them some wine in blue and green Ikea kiddy cups to calm the parents' nerves and they told us how their beautiful baby was born with Adams Oliver Syndrome. Well needed!

We assumed she was wrapped in blankets against the night cold but it turned out her skin and scalp hadn't formed properly and they were actually bandages.

Her dad had given up work to look after her.

The family had saved to afford this weekend away to give their other children the break they deserved. They would have no other holiday this year.

They proudly showed us pictures of their baby.

Later they dropped back to give us their few beers as a thank you.

In the shadow of Zippo's big tent I (The face I will never forget,thankyou)counted my blessings, then my mother-in-law watched the kids and I caught Madness's last tune - It Must Be Love.

My family fell apart when Daisy was born, the kids where in total shock,we all were. We had arraged to book a holiday to Disney land in France, and even had the money!. That all got cancelled, the money flitted away, and the kids were,yet again let down. So without Nanny and Grandads aproval we went last minute to Dorset,Tents,No tickets!,but we went. It suited us there were 24hour medics,use of a fridge,Disabled camping and the Fesival was a real family avent,I didnt meet anyone who didnt have kids. We argued all the way,the kids screamed,..... Then we got there, I'll never know if it was the place,the working together,the being away from home ??? but something click that weekend and that was my family,Click tight back as one,. Totally what we needed..

Babies first Christmas

Well , We made it...Daisys First Christmas!!... Sorry I Haven't been here to write much recently as,as per normal I've left all the crimbo preparations until last minute,Whoops!!.. I have promised myself 1 thing though and that's to enjoy and spend quality time with the family. Daisy has taught me 1 massive thing and that's time has no value,it is simple priceless and no refundable.
Happy Christmas everyone xx

Daisys fun days...

Great Daisy and I have NEST today. Helmet packed,nappies pasked,wipes check,bottles check,Mark (aka Dad)CHECK!!, haha, hes going to love watching his daughter play. Hope he copes ok with the whole helmet thing??. He will Im sure, We love you Daddy marky xx
UPDATE....- same day- NEST was great fun, Alot less children today than the 1st time we went. Not sure if this is good or bad. It was nice to have space, but i love all the hussel and bussel,so does Daisy. Daisy had her protective helmet on,surrounded by loads of noisey,hard attractive toys,yet chewing her hand or various parts of toys seem more appealing.LOL. Mark cant wait till next time,haha, he was atcually really impressed, and even stayed for the songs at the end!! well done hun x
Looking forward to Friday as we are attending the wonderfull informative stress releaving workshop for parents, run via 2 parents who have put there Souls into helping other parent/carers that are in the zone! Its for parents/carers who have a child that needs. All these needs being conpletely different. As ive now been told a few times now.... We are a varied group of parents with children. All with completely different backgrounds,presents,and futures. We are here,didnt nesserserly want to be here. We all can all truly relate/and hear one another. Part of a group. Like it or lump it, we're a group. This may sound strange but, i must say Im proud i part of this. Dont get me wrong-I'd do anything for my child to be well,but in the same breath she is who she is, and I wouldnt want to change her. Yep theses kids are truly Special,in the most admirational way. Every parent/carer I have met so far is amazing,I have learnt so much,yet before my experience with Daisy I'll admit I was completly blind to the world beyound 'the average'(would use the word 'normal' as would the NHS, but im far from normal, so who am i to talk!!)