25 June 2012


 I had my second training session with Lorna Taylor today , and after my 13mile charity walk with the  Macmillian Cancer fundraisres on Friday at blinking midnight, I didnt think my body could handle much more.
   Straight after setelling Daisy back to the Hamlet centre for her morning pre-school, I wizzed to the studio to hook up with Lorna, my personal trainer. Lorna worked my for an hour.  Wow- that  girl can bend.  Yet again I feel great, I'm staring to enjoy my new fiitty life!.. Its all go,go go and I'm just ge,ge, getting on with it. Spirits are high ;-)
   Can't wait. I am really looking forward to joining a group of freestyle yoga(ers).  I've never been to Yoga for the same reasons I haven't been to BINGO!! It's a shame, Both have potentuaky good results. Its just.......  creeking _ farting _ floor boards _ bingo wings    ..... springs to mind!    However this Freestyle Yoga sounds like its got a bit of funk. http://www.lifestylesforliving.co.uk/Pages/FreestyleFitnessYoga.aspx  No wales, tropical earthy music involved. No chanting or humming either , I'm really ejoying getting fit, I never thought I'd hear myself say it! Its just finding what suits me and my lifestyle best and finding the right people who have the specialist knowledge on how to adapt this to benefit you mentaly , and physically.

23 June 2012

Any Efforts?

Its Saturday.
 Last night at Midnight I joined around 600 hundred people in Norwich for the 7th Starlight walk in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support of 13 Miles.  We walked around the Norwich Ring Road in the dark until the early morning light! 
  This being my longest walk ever. I didn't know if I would be able to stride 2 miles. 
We walked, We talked Blister ........        and ........           4.15 hours later I finally reach the end...!!!!..

  1.  Do I feel good?                  Not really! 
  2. Was it worth it?                  Yes!
  3.  Did I raise much?               Not really! 
  4. Will it make a difference?    Yes! 
  5. Would I do it again?           Yes!


                The morel of my walk.........
                          ' Any Effort Helps '
Macmillan Cancer Support registered charity number 261017

14 June 2012


Accidents to Children

 Accidental injuries are a major health problem throughout the United Kingdom. They are the most common cause of death in children over one year of age. Every year they leave many thousands permanently disabled or disfigured.

 More than one million children under the age of 15 experience accidents in and around the home every year, for which they are taken to accident and emergency units. Many more are treated by GPs and by parents and carers.

 Those most at risk from a home accident are the 0-4 years age group. Falls account for the majority of non-fatal accidents. Most of these accidents are preventable through increased awareness, improvements in the home environment and greater product safety.

(ROSPA)  C:\Users\kerry\Documents\Accidents to Children Child Safety Advice & Information Home Safety RoSPA.htm

13 June 2012

3 Peaks !!!

Ive been so concern about training for this 3peaks challenge. I really do no exercise and only eat muesli and chocolate, i drink way to much coffee too.

 Thank you to Lorna from Life style for living  lifestylesforliving.co.uk, Body Rush gym in Norwich  - I now have a personal trainer. Lorna understands that I need serious help with my fitness and has offered to help me, she read my blog and offered to help. I was touched at the consultation that this has been offered for free.
 I can actually see me getting fit!! I cannot wish for better, apparently my happy levels will rise ..
watch this space. xx

5 June 2012

3 Peaks Challenge

OK, LETS DO IT ANYWAY a local charity have team up with us to help raise the rest of the funds for a safe room. http://www.letsdoitanyway.com/projects.html (Please see project 4)

 After the 999 night supported by TOE TO TOE boxing club and premier sports event raised so much for The 'Daisy Chain fund'. We hoped to raise £4000 to provide Daisy with a boxed in bed that would contain Daisy safely, be padded and stop any roaming around at night, and also let her sleep and wriggle around knowing she couldn't damage her head that still has, and will always have, a large piece of Skull missing.
 As the funding efforts went so well on the 999 night (Police Vs Firecrew in the ring) and the local support from everyone who attended not to mention the donations made , We raised around £7000. Thank you to everyone who attended and the great support.
    Due to the success of the 999 Night, we can now go that little step further ...... and forget the bed ..... With more of a boost for funds Daisy can have a well deserved room, fully adapted to suit her disability, defect of additional need (however you like to word it?!?)
   With this room Daisy could sleep, play, grow, read, dress and self develop in at least 1 room of the home. The family can relax knowing that she is safe and furnishing within her room not be restricting for her (as a boxed in bed would), or make her feel like a dog in a cage she will feel like any other child, with subtle adaptations to furniture and fittings , she wont even know its her safe room.... I cant wait!
So join me know and sign up with facebook page letsdoitawyway and lets peak to the target amount and sort this once and for all.
Please note- I am a very unfit 32 year old, I walk to my car and that's about all the exercise I've done in the last 10 years... therefore there are NO excuses if I can do it anyone can!!!!! 
 Read on for the 3 Peak challenge
Join Charity Lets Do It Anyway for One of the most famous & rewarding mountain challenges in the UK & raise funds for Daisy.....

 In September 2012 Lets Do It Anyway will be taking a group of supporters to complete the highest British three peaks, to raise funds ...for 3 year old, 'Daisy Ogston's 'Daisy Chain Fund' which will contribute to buying urgently needed Safe Space. Please checkout http://dottydaisy.blogspot.com/?spref=tw

Daisy is a beautiful three year old girl, who has a rare genetic disorder, Adams-Oliver Syndrome(AOS). Her symptoms include having Skull and skin missing, abnormal feet/hands and and Heart defect. Her parents aim is to keep her alive, healthy and happy, which means they desperately need to raise funds for a safe play area and bedroom. They have been doing great with fund raising, however, they would like a help-in -hand, so 'Lets Do It Anyway' is offering to help raise the final £5000 required!

The challenge:
To climb & summit the three highest mountains in the UK, which are Ben Nevis (in Scotland), Scafell Pike (in England) & Snowdon (in Wales). That’s 10,000 feet of climbing, which is... approximately 25 miles. A great charity group challenge & a fantastic achievement, never to be forgotten!
MORE INFO HERE -https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/329562167069819/

If I can do it anyone can!!!....https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/329562167069819/

AOS and Comedy

If the video above does't load, please click the link above.
A comedian who jokes she has a plate in her head, is short, and 1 tit bigger than the other..!!.
Katrina is diagnosised with Adams Oliver syndrom.
I'm  so please she contacted me, really positive lady x