Norfolk County Council lose private medical documents

 The kids school attendance are both poor. My house is cramped, over crowded and cluttered.
 We cant move as after the home option team assessed our family with consideration of Daisys medical needs they could not up our band. We are on low need banding.  The doctors stated and supported the view to adapt the current property rather that to move to a 4 bedroom, this would be more suited for daisys com plex additional needs!
  Daisys lost medical file has been lost by the original Norfolk County Council (Adults Services) Occupational Therapist. The LOST MEDICAL FILE contained all the data that Home options focused there assessment on. All the doctors letters and reports claimed Daisy needs her own room for safety reasons, to adapt the current property under the Disabled Facilities Grant would be far more safer , suitable and recommended in there medical professional opinion.
  The OT that LOST daisys medical file forgot to log the file, or take duplicates from the file, yet she managed to gather all daisys doctors addresses and names and contact details!!, amazing eh, The OT also fail to tell anyone she lost my daughters file, this file contained Daisys Birth certificate!!  I only know on reading it from the information my father obtained for me via freedom of information act.