27 August 2011


The clock still ticks the doctors still state Daisy could never share a room, for risk of damaging her Brain or worse. The Skull still has a large area missing, I still carry her everywhere, and have to strap her in a buggy whilst I rush to the toilet, how inhumane, theres no-where safe upstairs for her, we sit in the living room with door shut whenever we are at home,its depressing and boring and very dark and lonely! My daughters not a dog.... But yet the council still haven't helped in anyway. I cant take the risk of moving to a bigger house when the doctors have warned me of the risks and insisted that they don't think it would be safe to move. They even put this in writing, yet Norwich city council state my daughter doesn't met there criteria for grant to adapt the home. A under 5year old child would only met there criteria in rare situations. I'm not sure what could be rarer??? it would be good if there could give me an example of this, but they cant. I think on a safety level, as in my daughter needs safety 24/7 or she will die, and the doctors are fully advising me not to move, the fact that she has a massive part of her skull missing would met there criteria in 'a rare situation'  they are neglecting my child's needs because it doesn't tick the forms boxes... hello, my daughter now wanting to walk has half a skull, and her brain is very precious, sort it out you bunch of paper shedding office, single, non parenting government tossers.
oh and thanks Mrs.mp or pm whatever you are, you didn't ring, and you didn't seem to follow anything up. thanks .

9 August 2011

Fun times

Had a great day yesterday at the Play barn   http://www.theplaybarn.co.uk/index.asp  near Norwich. Great picnic supplied by my big sister,thanks sis. It was great to see my niece,it doesn’t happen as often as id like,so i cherish every second. Love the way my big sister jump to defend me when i cried, the mum nearly got bogged washed..!…..! 

  Basically Daisy was playing in the baby soft area, on her own, its like a simple soft play pen.  As a mother and her child walked from the bigger play area to the toilet they passed the pen. Daisy had pulled herself up and was watching the World go by. I watch her content she was safe. The little girl approached Daisy to say hello and the rest. The mum looked back and saw the little girl (no more than 4) had stopped to see Daisy. Daisy who was still in the soft play area for no-walking babies smiled at the girl. The mum then turned and continued to walk away from the child, probably thinking the child would notice and run along. The child noticed and didn’t care, she then slammed her hand directly on top of Daisys head, as if squashing play-doh!. Within the time of the girl coming to Daisy id stood up to observe and help the communication between the young ladies. With no choice other than to grab (in a soft way) the little girls hand,after saying ‘Don’t touch her head’ with this the mum was closer and glared at me like id abused her child, ate her dog and man handled her husband! I was shaking at this point though fear daisy would get hurt,just the thought shakes me up. I understood the mums glare then I said sorry or tried to, to the mum, then two the little girl whom was walking towards the mum. I quickly explained Daisy has skull missing on top of her head, and it c…….o….u………l………………d………………….. she ignored me, grabbed the little girl and stormed off.  I dropped my head,looked at my feet,got Daisy and I then went to my big sister, I couldn’t hold back the tears, nothings ever going to be normal again, even a simple trip to a play area. My big Sis demanded I tell her what occour,   she then asked where this mother and child was,I think she wanted to bog wash the mum!…  It was my fault Daisy didn’t have her helmet on, as we had only just entered the building. …BUT….Daisy was in the baby area, i was watching her, personally i wouldn’t let my kids touch any ones head, let alone a babies. Daisy still looks well under 1year of age. Also its blatant to see her head isn’t as it should its red raw thin scar tissue with a large patch of hair missing.  So maybe I will consider putting her helmet on before getting out of the car,lesson learnt. But i’m upset with that mum, who didn’t seem to care her she had upset my daughter or myself. What a caring lady, maybe she was worried about the impact me telling her daughter what to do would have on her little girl, then id understand, but as the mum dragged the girl away, she wasn’t even looking at her girl, the first thing i would do is at least care the situation , get to the girls level and offer cuddles. This women was not even up for reasoning, for what reason? after that Daisy had her hat on, for the rest of the day I felt the odd glare, not at me, but Daisy, i only hope she will think again next time she cant be arsed to assist the to directions for her child to the toilet.   oh, well as will left and reflected on the situation, Big sister said…. Kerry your going to get that sort of thing all the time…..  and I agree, big sis is always right, I’ve got to admit the bog wash wasn’t a bad idea either.xx

5 August 2011


OK, lets get a few things in order, this page is for anyone who is involved in the local authority housing issue that my family have, well its like this

  Thank you to the kind letter hat the OT wrote some time ago to many doctors explaining that there was an offer of a 4 bedroom house to be made, and that this magic house would be sterile clean and help with a move would be offered, it was a very nice letter, and after the extensive follow up of the OT persistently phoning to get replies on this letter and weather they now understood the dust building work would course, like they never considered this before(as the OTs letter suggests) durrrr!!, dust.  Well they got 2 replies neither fully supporting the move to the magic 4bedroom house. Ive yet to see this magic 4 bedroom house, it must be top secret, either that or complete bullshit. My banding on the home option site,,,,is low need, and this is since the bidding department were shown all the medical info, that i took to them personally as the OT didn't produce these, even after agreeing she would, and also didn't return there calls, strange,..... maybe because they don't match the story of 'yep safe to move, get the four bedroom magic house out! Ive had no offer of a 4bedroomed house, its been mentioned but no offered.   Daisys health and Daisys best interest also the family's, support the family to adapt the home, as advised by many professionals, with no nagging letter or constant follow up calls(as the OT had). I have many letters suggesting the need to adapt our home rather than to move to meet the needs of Daisy. These original letters that have now turned in to unimportant statements have just been ignored. OK its like this, i can not care for daisy and move, she is now in my arms or holding my hand from the minute she awakes to the minute she falls asleep.
 The local councils lack of support in getting a assessment of housing needs, advice, and manner in which my case has been dealt is out rigours. Ive had to beg for an assessment, then reports, was told i couldn't obtain a second opinion,was even told the doctors letters had all been retracted, what complete crap!!
  OK its like this, i can not care for daisy and move, she is now in my arms or holding my hand from the minute she awakes to the minute she falls asleep. Its 2am, I've just eaten my microwave burger dinner, very healthy not!
 Marks has work at 5am he gets up, yet hes crashed on the settee with his neck bent as ever. The other kids tucked themselves in bed, and daisy came shopping with me, whilst in there we done our usual trip to the medic room as daisy refused to wear her hat and was insisting on poking her fingers deep in her head. we even have our own supplies there now, and private room!!.  i was home at around 9pm, bigger kids rummaged in the bags for there treats as always, on a shopping trip.
 About 10pm i settled them down with drinks and snacks, windows open, air conditioning would be nice...hot,hot,hot. Daisy , well mark done the dad thing and feed her aload of crap, so i cleaned, changed set her up for the night. mark tucked her in about 10.30... 10.45 shes asleep. washed up the dinner stuff, then proceeded to get the bulk of the shopping in, this is everything as we don't do clothes shops and rarely go to town. so by 12pm its a mess, but its all squashed in the cupboards.  12.30 i get a cup of cold tea, and i can open the morning mail, yesterdays!. now after finding the dongle and messing around to get connected I'm finally here, so this is why i haven't been here of late zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I just want daisy to have somewhere to sleep and play where shes not at risk of damaging her brain as she still has skull missing, it didn't grow last night, fingers crossed for tonight.x
I'LL BE BACK xxxxxxxxxx
PS. ... the local PM has even vanished, unless i missed the return call, please come back, you where my last bit of hope.PLEASE call us
 I just want daisy to have somewhere to sleep and play where shes not at risk of damaging her brain as she still has skull missing, it didn't grow last night, fingers crossed for tonight.x