Daisy was born around 9pm, on the 13th April 2010  35+2 (weeks+days)

 The Pregnancy, was enjoyable. I felt healthy,ate healthy,keep active,didn't drink,did smoke(very little approx 2xday),had Mark,my partners full support,mum and dad at hand,as always,and my wonderful kids help me loads.
 It felt like I was finally setterling down. Even though I already had my hands full,and the house was in constant turmoil,We all waited counting the days till the baby would arrive.
 Mark was walking on clouds!. This would be the child he'd always long for.
 Kyron and Izzabelle seem understandable worried at first They then continued to argue who would share rooms with who,now this was an option they both wanted to share with everyone,and anyone!. Kyron took on the role of eldest brother and Izzabelle was digging out all her prams and dolls. For once in our lives it was going well. Possible a bit too well .....

  Our due date was May,early May. We all put the usual bets on,and waited...
  In March I was running myself a nice bath when I felt a build up, waddled to the toilet,and gush,I was so shocked, could not believe how calm I was,Kyron was off school that day. I remember calling him to help me. "grab me some knickers son" I murmured. He ducked his head round the door and held up a pair, " ummmm mate, I mean big knickers, as in massive" I could see he was panicking for his Mother before him. Kyron packed my bag,locked the doors,hugged me and cheekily asked If he was driving (at 10years!)  I was so thankful he was there,my little angel xx
 The doctors done all the usual test and couldn't explain the bleed,baby wasn't stressed so I stay in until I was able to move a step and not loose blood. I was there just over 1 week. I was then home for 1 day,and back up to Hospital,within 24hours!.
  Unexplained bleeding,scan after scan,no explanation. I was stuck on ward for over a Month. The blood I was losing I was managing to replace. The plan was to try and hold out as long as possible, to secure a full pregnancy and fetal development.
   I was to stay in hospital until the birth.
  Poor Mum, Dad and oh Mark, was running around everywhere. Having both the kids at home, Mum, Dad, Tania and Sian all help out as Mark was still trying to work, his self employment income was our ONLY income. In the end he had to cancel all his jobs,and slowly he had not 1 future job lined up. At this time we were stressed, clueless as to how babies and my own health was or would be.
  The children hardly saw me,and got thrown from pillar to post,
My 2 children at home, couldn't understand anything, all they could think was 'Shes going to Die' I didn't have time to chat to them as I was always at Hospital so many Doctors, Nurses, Specialist. This is probably when I started blogging.
 I would blog or note down simple notes that were important, and still are now
  • always ask weekend hospital staff for professionals, as they get what you need.
  •  Ask about Hospital discharge to the doctors,not nurses. Ward round 8am-9am be up.
  • OGFSP (only good for spare parts)

  The babies Heart beat was on the faster side of 'normal'. The doctors waited for me to be out of the premature birth stage and started on that day 37weeks. Daisy was born 37+2... the 13th of April. It wasn't a Friday, Friday the 13th. 

 I had the worst Birth ever, No drugs just gas and air....think you call that a natural Birth - I tell you though....There's nothing Natural about that.!
 When we got over the worse, and had settled down and Daisy had a feed I had a shower.
 Mark held Daisy the content filled the air. We questioned her head, in our own minds other than that we didn't know what it was and new there was Bones missing. BUT so what she looked beautiful, and nothing else mattered.

 I couldn't wait till tomorrow when we could go home and be a family again, Me , Kyron, Izzy, Mark and new bay Daisy...
4 months later Me and Daisy got discharged from Great Ormond Street, London children's Hospital. Daisy had been leaking CSF (Brain and Spine fluid) and the doctors struggled to stop this, the Hugh risk of infection getting into the brain was to high to comment. Nurses would give me that 'Sorry,we've tried look'
 We didn't know what tomorrow would bring....

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