Daisy has ongoing expensive needs. Please help her to live in a safe environment.    Daisy equipment needed, isn't common,therefore things have to be special made or adjusted to suit her individually.
 At the moment she is in a bedroom with mum and dad,this is the best we can do. Daisy could never share bedrooms with Kyron or Izzabelle, (As advised by Doctors and various Medics) and when she finally get the room she needs, it will be 1 place in the home that she can be completely safe in. Somewhere she can take off her helmet and play with her very soft toys. I dream of her dancing in the mirror like any other little girl.

 Shame the OT assessing us at home ignored Doctors recomendations , and then misplaced the documents stating the Doctors advice!! Due to this Im having to fund raise to keep Daisy safe!!
  • Daisy needs her own space, a bedroom
This has always been a major problem for us. Now she is 2years, and she still sleeps in our bedroom, (Mark and I) She has no independence and nor do we have any privacy! Its cluttered and a hazard in itself. We all have to dress and undress downstairs as there isn't space in the bedroom. Doctors say she is unsafe to share a bedroom with siblings and the council wont help us move unless Doctors recommend this, of course it would increase Daisys risk of injury to move home so we are still saving for an extension to provide her with a simple room, nothing fancy just a room, a safe room.
  • Wall pads, wall covering. Covering of corners.
  • Floor pads
  • Soft furnishings.
  • Wigs, we will go though alot of these. yes the nhs do provide these, but I think Daisy will one day want a better one. although the NSH glasses have improved so we will see??!!.
  • Safe play area within the home
  • Safe garden area. With Daisys outdoor toys in.
Simply Donate here, with the trusted paypal button above. We can then consult with Daisys medical team who advise us on what Daisys needs are.  Shame the OT assessing us at home ignored Doctors recommendations , and then misplaced the documents stating the Doctors advice!!  Due to this I'm having to fund raise to keep Daisy safe!!

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