A not so down day....

Hi all, well my last blog date wasn't very positive, i just felt and if I'm honest still do feel like I'm totally drained. I cant even put into words how i feel, its beyond stressed.

I cant give up, as I've been told(thanks Sara), your right never give up, and anyway, I haven't got time..x
We have the 2nd half of Daisy's flu jab today, she has a cold and isn't looking her best, but I've weighed up the pros's and con's and I'm going with the jab!!.. Daisys head (skin) did start to over granulate again, 3 steps forward then 2 steps back.... but it seems to be improving again now.
Doctor put my tables up to higher dose, think i need them!!, just don't want to be on them forever, but if it helps take the edge off things abit, then I'll be pleased. ...and then they all went home for tea.....
 Another thank you to Sara, because this blog has help me alot,more than and tables. Helps me to cry, laugh,stress,get angry, and generally release my emotions. Its like a diary and really does help, so thanks Sara, as after I read your friend Anna,I think it is, after reading there blog, it got me typing. So big thanks xx hope all is OK you end? did the trigger op go OK?

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