25 June 2012


 I had my second training session with Lorna Taylor today , and after my 13mile charity walk with the  Macmillian Cancer fundraisres on Friday at blinking midnight, I didnt think my body could handle much more.
   Straight after setelling Daisy back to the Hamlet centre for her morning pre-school, I wizzed to the studio to hook up with Lorna, my personal trainer. Lorna worked my for an hour.  Wow- that  girl can bend.  Yet again I feel great, I'm staring to enjoy my new fiitty life!.. Its all go,go go and I'm just ge,ge, getting on with it. Spirits are high ;-)
   Can't wait. I am really looking forward to joining a group of freestyle yoga(ers).  I've never been to Yoga for the same reasons I haven't been to BINGO!! It's a shame, Both have potentuaky good results. Its just.......  creeking _ farting _ floor boards _ bingo wings    ..... springs to mind!    However this Freestyle Yoga sounds like its got a bit of funk. http://www.lifestylesforliving.co.uk/Pages/FreestyleFitnessYoga.aspx  No wales, tropical earthy music involved. No chanting or humming either , I'm really ejoying getting fit, I never thought I'd hear myself say it! Its just finding what suits me and my lifestyle best and finding the right people who have the specialist knowledge on how to adapt this to benefit you mentaly , and physically.

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