23 June 2012

Any Efforts?

Its Saturday.
 Last night at Midnight I joined around 600 hundred people in Norwich for the 7th Starlight walk in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support of 13 Miles.  We walked around the Norwich Ring Road in the dark until the early morning light! 
  This being my longest walk ever. I didn't know if I would be able to stride 2 miles. 
We walked, We talked Blister ........        and ........           4.15 hours later I finally reach the end...!!!!..

  1.  Do I feel good?                  Not really! 
  2. Was it worth it?                  Yes!
  3.  Did I raise much?               Not really! 
  4. Will it make a difference?    Yes! 
  5. Would I do it again?           Yes!


                The morel of my walk.........
                          ' Any Effort Helps '
Macmillan Cancer Support registered charity number 261017

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